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buy magic submitterIt’s been a while since I did a product or book review, so, I thought I’d review Magic Submitter for you.

I used to limit myself to just a few article directories and video sites for my content syndication- it was just too time-consuming and tedious. Not only did this limit the range of sites I submitted to, but also how often I would submit articles.

Eventually, I found several article submission services that I used regularly on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, with the advent of web 2.0, the number and types of sites you needed to contribute content to for effective article marketing and link building grew exponentially and these submission services were no longer adequate.

When SENuke arrived on the scene, it was supposed to address this problem; but, it’s learning curve is fairly steep and with a monthly subscription cost of over $120, out of reach for most Internet marketers.

Consequently, a crop of competing products sprung up- mostly inferior and poorly-supported.

Magic Submitter, however, is a true alternative to SENuke- and at nearly 50% less monthly cost than SENuke, much more affordable.

Alexandr Kruilik

alexandr kruilik

Magic Submitter is the brainchild of Alexandr Kruilik, a respected Internet marketer. He also sells two other related products- Magic Article ReWriter and Magic Article Submitter. He has an active account on Twitter where you can keep up to date on his latest efforts: Alexandr Kruilik Twitter The last time I checked, he had over 6,000 posts. He isn’t one of those Internet marketers that hides from his customers.

My Experience With Magic Submitter

I’ve been using Magic Submitter for automated article and video submission for about 4 months now and am generally pleased with its performance- you can expect about a 90% success rate for articles and about a 80% success rate for videos.

Why not 100%?

Because that’s just not realistic. There’s a dance, or should I say- battle, going on between article submission software vendors and article sites (and video sites, etc.).

The article directories keep changing the names of submission fields, adding new ones or removing existing ones, moving them to new screens- all in an effort to thwart the article submission tools.

Submission protocols to various article directories can change almost weekly.

They’re doing this to combat article spammers who make extensive use of software too carry out their nefarious deeds. Unfortunately, us white-hat article marketers have to suffer the consequences.

Update Frequency

In any case, when it comes to keeping Magic Submitter up to date, Alexandr really shines. The frequent updates are automated and you’re prompted to save a backup of your database each time.

You can see some screen shots as well as a full list of over 30 updates since mid 2010 here.

Magic Submitter Update History

Their email support has always been responsive and the support forum is well maintained and active with current users.

Alexandr continues to add new services and features. You can now use Magic Submitter for:

  • Video Marketing: Submit your videos to most popular video sharing sites like Youtube, Spike, Yahoo, and 121+ sites in all.
  • Social Media Marketing: Submit content to Twitter and dozens of other social media sites and microblogs.
  • Article Marketing: 53+ article directories and growing.
  • Blog Marketing: Contribute content and get backlinks from over 70 WordPress blogs.
  • Press Release Marketing: Announce company updates and newsworthy events to over twenty press release sites.
  • Bookmarking: Get hundreds of backlinks with automated submission to all major bookmarking services.
  • PDF Sharing: Get your whitepapers, reports, eBooks distributed using PDF sharing sites.
  • Search Engine Pinging: It can take, days, weeks, or even months for a search engine to find your articles. Pinging immediately updates Google, Yahoo, and all major search engines for you.
  • And more…

In addition to automatically creating user accounts for you and submitting your content for you, Magic Submitter also has some very advanced features for the power users out there. For instance, you can add your own submission sites and record their custom submission protocols for automation.

One feature that I use extensively is its ability to submit spun articles- articles modified with codes so that a new version is submitted to each article directory. This helps keep as many of your submitted articles indexed by search engines as possible.

So, if you’re interested in getting as many readers for your articles as possible, as many visits to your landing pages as possible, and you’re convinced content marketing is the way to go, then you owe it to yourself to check out Magic Submitter.

Visit Magic Submitter’s sales page for screenshots, videos, and a more in-depth explanation of features: Magic Submitter

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